Discoveries going down? Have your Eureka moment! Creative solutions, Next Century Metals Exploration


Who are we? What do we stand for?

What we do: identify high-grade mineral opportunities. We produce accurate maps that use AI. Our core value: change the world to become more sustainable while finding metals.


We adapt, innovate and invest in predictive AI that forecasts future mines:

1. Enable a battery economy pivot to combat climate change.

2. Reduce environmental impact to use our planet’s finite resources.

We’ve developed specialized proprietary AI technology over 24 years. Our advice has helped investment funds since 2001.

Our ground-revealing maps enables mining and exploration companies to find rare hidden worldwide deposits, shallow or deep, uncovered or covered.

It enables companies to go to precise area searches that reduce environmental footprint… a 98% reduction in the exploration footprint, reducing risk, price, time, and costs. Our approach is to increase business certainty and results.

Let's us help you find your Eureka moment.


Fund Advisement Third Party AI Natural Resources Companies Service

AI\data mining services for the fund industry as a business intelligence subscription service to identify ideal investments in natural resources companies.

Geological AI Services for Exploration

We provide experienced geological data mining services to focus your hunt on the next metal mine or expanding existing mines.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring companies? We provide geological data mining services to assess your property beyond the 43-101 process. Our AI algorithm identifies resources or lack of resources which may impact your mergers and acquisition of new companies.