ESG: Greening Exploration

We enable companies to focus exploration programs. The result: reduce their exploration footprint to less than 2% of traditional methods.

This reduces environmental, social and heritage impacts.

Imagine: less tree cutting, road building, exploratory drilling and environmental permit issues. This allows companies to focus on economic mineral opportunities.

Higher-grade Ore = Lower Environmental Impact

Target high-grade ore deposits. This is better for the mining companies and better for the environment. Low-grade deposits result in more waste, high energy use, and more water demands per tonne of metal.

After 2005 industry’s average found deposits are fewer, smaller, lower grade and deeper. This is despite increased exploration. This will lead to an upcoming supply crisis for the battery economy. AI has changed other industries and is going to change exploration soon. This starts with enabling the geologists to go from the desk study stage to focused drilling soonest.

Eureka Maps Inc. white paper on exploration ESG Future coming soon!